Joan Cross, BSc., MPH is owner and Neurofeedback Trainer at InnerWave Center.

She is inspired by compassion and focused curiosity. The first half of her career she devoted to physical therapy specializing in pediatric neuro-developmental therapy. From high risk premature infants to neuro-traumatized babies and their families growing into their potential, she witnessed the diverse patterns of healing. Learning from these exceptional families led her to the next level of curiosity…. the neuroscience of healing from the non-linear, complex dynamical, adaptive systems (NLCD) perspective.  NLCD systems are self organizing, self correcting, and self rewarding. In brain science, the subconscious mind operates as a NLCD system when it can override the complicating conscious mind’s concerns. NeurOptimal neurofeedback is the key that opens that ‘override’.  Daily she experiences herself and her clients  emerge into more clarity and efficiency of living their best lives in the present.

Joan was trained as a Neurofeedback Trainer at the EEG Institute and has advanced training certification from Zengar Institute.  She has worked as a NeurOptimal Neurfeedback Trainer since 2007.

Joan received her BSc(1969) and Master in Public Health(1974) from the University of Michigan. She began her career as a Peace Corps Volunteer and continues to enjoy international and cultural experiences.

In her spare time she likes to paint, travel spend time with her two daughters.