What is the time commitment?

Similar to physical training, Neurofeedback is a gradual training process working toward optimal mental functioning in 10-30 sessions. It is helpful at the beginning to train twice a week for 10 sessions, and then either continue at twice per week or taper to once per week. Once the brain is re-trained, the effects are long lasting. Occasionally, one might encounter an extremely stressful period or have a trauma that will be helped by a few tune-up sessions.

What is the cost?

Medical insurance does not cover Neurofeedback. However, by not having to hire extra billing personnel, the rates are very reasonable compared to other types of therapy. Training sessions are $70/individual session or can be discounted in packages of five sessions: the first package is $300; the second package of 5 sessions is $275; the third package and beyond is $250. For those who can pair up and come 2 at the same appointment time, the packages of 5 sessions are $200/person. It is an invaluable investment in mind/body healing and growth for yourself, family and loved ones.

How many sessions are needed?

Every brain is different. So it all depends on how your brain reorganizes itself. Usually between 8-10 sessions there will be changes that you can feel but 15-20 sessions on average will reinforce the changes to last long term. Just like learning anything new, repetition cements the understanding.

Does NeurOptimal flatten my personality?

No, NeurOptimal & NeuroFeedback does not flatten your personality or change who you are.

Will NeurOptimal interfere with my creativity?

No, NeurOptimal & NeuroFeedback will not affect your creativity rather will make it for efficient & focused.

Can I listen to the session music at home also?

Yes, for relaxation but it won’t train your brain without the feedback interrupts.

Can I help or quicken the process by meditating during sessions?

No, meditating creates a cognitive block and trying too hard gets in the way of opening to the unconscious mind’s efficiency to do it’s work.